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Bereits im Dezember hat mein Herr meine Wohnung zum 31.3.2020 gekündigt, da ich ab 1. April meinen Wohnsitz in sein Haus verlagern werde. Dies hat mehrere Gründe:

a) Ich bin so 24/7 unter physischer Kontrolle durch meinen Herrn.

b) ich stehe 24/7 für meinen Herrn zur Verfügung.

c) Ich verliere keine unnötige Zeit mehr mit "pendeln" zwischen meiner Wohnung und dem Haus meines Herrn.

d) Ich spare bares Geld meines Herrn

e) Ich kann meinem Herrn so sämtliche Aufgaben im Alltag abnehmen.

Ihr seht also, es hat nur Vorteile.
Zudem hat mein Herr mein Konto geschlossen, sodass es sowieso sehr umständlich war, immer das Geld an meinen Vermieter zu senden.

Wir renovieren zur Zeit einen kleinen Raum, indem ich schlafen werde. Aktuell schlafe ich regelmäßig nach Benutzung durch meinen Herrn in seinem Bett oder einem Tierkäfig in seinem Schlafzimmer.
Dies wird aber ab April verboten sein, da ich als Sklave den Käfig bzw. eine Matratze außerhalb seines Schlafzimmers zu akzeptieren habe, da dieser Raum lediglich für meinen Herrn ist - es sei denn ich soll diesen aufräumen oder darf anderweitig dienen ;)
Bestimmt eine kleine Umstellung aber mein Herr möchte es so.


Back in december my master already ended my rent-contract for my flat until 31.march 2020.
So i will live at his house from 1st april on. There are some reasons for it:

a) iam under 24/7 control of my master

b) iam 24/7 open for access for my master

c) i dont waste time by traveling to his place from my flat and back

d) i safe his money

e) i can do so ALL the houshold for my master (=

By now we make a room clear for me in which i can rest. Actually i sleep in my masters bed or in a cage in his bedroom after beeing used by him.
That will be over because i need to accept that the bedroom ist just for my master (and me to tidy up)...

Da können wir uns ja auf einige Berichte freuen.

Heute habe ich mich seit Ewigkeiten mal wieder bei bdsmlr einloggen können (dürfen). Ich habe viele Anfragen bekommen, was in der Zwischenzeit passiert ist, wie es mir geht und wie sich mein Weg weiter entwickelt hat.

Ich werde jetzt nach und nach aufarbeiten um euch an den Punkt zu führen, an dem ich heute bin.

Zunächst: Ja, ich bin noch da, ja, ich bin noch bei meinem Herrn.

Ich lebe mittlerweile sehr offen als sein Sklave und hatte sogar gegenüber meinen Eltern mein Coming-Out. Sie haben es mehr oder weniger gut aufgenommen.

Es macht mich stolz und glücklich, als Sklave leben zu dürfen. Es ist nicht ein Fetisch oder eine Phase, nein. Es ist das, was sich seit Anbeginn meiner Pubertät wollte und ich bin sehr froh, endlich meinen Herrn gefunden zu haben.

So scheue ich mich auch nicht, Euch und Ihnen mein Gesicht zu zeigen (=


Today iam back online since a long time.
I had a lot of people writing me if iam fine, still alive or still with my master.
Don't worry. iam :) Iam still alive and still with my master - more then ever.

Iam now a really open public visible slave and i had my coming-out as slave to my parents. they were'nt really happy but they deal with it.

Iam very proud and happy to live as slave. Its not a fetish or fantasy, its that what i tried to figure out since i started puberty.
Really happy now, to have found my master and went step by step and be his TPE-Slave now.

I will make a storyline to post, what happened to me and my life in the past month so u will be soon (=

As u see - i nevermind now to show my face open. Most friends already know iam a slave (=

Gratulation, dass du diese Schritte geschafft hast und du dich traust, dein Gesicht zu zeigen!

Tips for training a pussyboy

Are you a Total Top? Do you want your boy to become fully passive pussyboy and completely dependent on his hole for all orgasms and sexual pleasure? Then you need to train him to think of his ass as a fully functional pussy. The advice below does not apply to versatile couples, only to those interested in a Total Top/pussyboy type arrangement. 

Tips for training a pussyboy:

1. Discourage use of his cock. Every time he uses his cock he is experiencing pleasure as a Top, is neglecting his pussy and learning to get off with his cock instead of his hole. If you aren’t into the whole BDSM and chastity scene, encourage him to hold back from masturbating with his dick, and encourage him to finger himself instead. If you are in bed together and he is trying to wank, push his hands away from his cock so he gets used to sexual pleasure without associating it with cock pleasure. When you fuck him make sure he is focused on the sensations his pussy is giving him by not allowing him to wank during sex - fuck him in a position that is difficult for him to do so such as face down on the bed.  Buy him jocks so that his cock is hidden away and minimised but his pussy and ass is on display and have sex while he wears these so he learns that his cock is not necessary for good sex. Very controversially, and only if this fits with the type of relationship you have, encourage the boy to feel naughty if he touches his dick, but reward him for playing with his pussy. If he has a small dick, or if it is smaller than yours, remind him how small it is compared to your cock, and encourage him to think that his cock is small because it is only meant to pee and not to fuck. Fucking is reserved for Men/Daddies/Tops with Real Cocks, not for a boy and his little nubbin. If he is caught touching his dick, act disappointed, so he feels shame when he touches himself there. Of course if you are in a BDSM relationship then there are many options available to you to reinforce this notion that boy touching his nubbin is bad - whether through chastity or punishment. The idea is to encourage negative feelings towards his cock and achieving orgasm in a conventionally ‘male’ way. 

2. Make him feel good about his pussy. All boys are naturally self conscious and worried about what their Daddy/Top thinks about them. By telling him how beautiful and delicious his pussy is, and letting him know how much you love it as often as you can, he will gain confidence in his pussy and be much more comfortable in showing it off and using it. Reinforce behaviour which glorifies his pussy and puts it at the forefront of his sexual pleasure and identity. Much like you are trying to promote a feeling of the forbidden and negative towards his cock in tip 1, here you are trying to promote feelings of desirability and positivity surrounding his pussy and being a pussyboy.

3. Give him pleasure through his pussy. If you want him to be a true bottom and love it, you need to make sure he is feeling satisfied enough anally to forget about his dick. Casually grab his ass cheeks, rub his hole when kissing, play with it during foreplay and ignore his cock completely. As covered in previous posts, REAL MEN EAT PUSSY. If you truly love boy pussy then you will lick, suck and eat it out and make him moan like a bitch on heat and beg for your cock. Rub it. Play with it. Give him pleasure through it, and when you do come round to fucking it, make sure you drive him wild through the fuck and aim to give him an anal orgasm if possible. When he does have an anal orgasm, kiss him, congratulate him, make him feel proud for being a good bottom. Remember that especially for a young boy to ignore his cock and try to experience pleasure through his pussy alone is a VERY difficult task. That means that as a Top you need to be up to the task of giving him the satisfaction necessary for him to feel that it is worth all the trouble and denial he is going through.

4. Combat his shame. A lot of pussyboys may feel shame for many reasons. They may feel shame for being gay, or that they are not very masculine compared to other boys/Men. They may worry about what people think about them. Even if they come to terms with being gay and being less masculine, they may still feel bad about being exclusively passive pussyboys because let’s face it, Tops get a lot more respect than bottoms both from gays and straights. In order for your boy to truly feel comfortable in his own skin and identity as a fully 100% passive pussyboy and completely give himself to you, and by extension accept you as his 100% active long-term partner, you need to not only encourage that behaviour, but let him know that being a pussyboy is OK and anyone who disagrees can go fuck themselves. An important way to do this is to reinforce the message that you are his Man/Daddy and you will keep him safe and protect him from what any haters may say or think. Show him your love and affection as well as your dominance. 

If you follow the above with a boy who is willing and wants to be trained then you may well end up in the Yin and Yang type relationship so many people idolise. Man and pussyboy the same as Man and wife. Opposites which fit together perfectly to make a whole.

His Alpha got approval from the gym manager. No more changing in the stall. No more excuses. Wear it proud.

If guys mention it, he's to say "I'm an owned fag, Sir. My Master wants me always horny to serve men & suck cock. Let me know if I can be of service, Sir."

Reight comment 

Terry was proud.

Proud that he had over come his fears.

Finally embraced his fetish and ordered a cage.

As soon as he put it on he wanted to share the news with the world.

One photo posted across all his accounts.

Now the world knew he was a locked guy

Good boy 

One of the new toys. A cage with spikes. Hehehehe!

Eines der neuen Spielzeuge. Penis"käfig" mit Stacheln. Hehehe!

Geiles Foto, wie funktioniert der "Käfig"?

his order this week was show his hole!

Good boy, next time with your chastety belt. 

I was show you this german fag last July

Now hi knows how to suck dicks!

Show more of it. it‘s a so submissive slave.